Through the Bible in 60 Minutes

David Cooke, the author of “Through the Bible in 80 Days” and “Through the #biblein80tweets”, also tells the story of the Bible in six, 10 minute videos which are available on YouTube.

To watch “Through the Bible in 60 Minutes” click here for the first part or use the links below to go to the individual videos.

  • Part 1 – Foundations and Covenants – Genesis and the Law
  • Part 2 – God’s People Established – History and Worship
  • Part 3 – Steady Decline – Wisdom and Kings
  • Part 4 – Disaster and Disappointment – Prophets and Exile
  • Part 5 – Promises Fulfilled – The Good News about Jesus Christ
  • Part 6 – The Early Church – The Apostles’ Acts and Letters

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