Through the Bible in 80 Days

Through the Bible in 80 Days

Have you ever wondered what the Bible is all about? Have you ever tried to read it and not been sure what is going on? Have you been reading the Bible for many years and have questions about how it all fits together?

In “Through the Bible in 80 Days” David Cooke invites you to go on an 80 day journey of exploration. Unlike Jules Verne he does not take you “Around the world in 80 days” but through the Bible – an adventure every bit as exciting. Skilfully combining daily readings from the Bible with explanation and commentary he enables you to see the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

If you are new to the Bible then this book will give you a good understanding of what the Bible is, how to find your way around it and why it was written. It may not answer all your questions but it will give you pointers as to where to look. If you have spent many years reading the Bible then spending 80 days going through the Bible will give you an overall picture that will help you bring together all your experience.

Set out on an 80 day adventure. It will change your perspective forever!

“This book will give you a comprehensive overview of the Word of God. Carefully researched, rich in content, full of information and spiritually challenging. I thoroughly recommend it.”  John Hosier – Bible Teacher and Author

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